Tennis is certainly a complete, elegant and unique sport, combining strength , technique , grace, intensity, courage, concentration, passion as the list goes on and on, as players from al around the globe put their time and effort on playing the ATP tours while thousands of fans follow the tournaments live or on television, this sport have definitely grow to another level and since major tournaments take place in many different countries it has become a very popular sport, here in our site we offer many options when it comes to tennis, first we have ODDS TO WIN every tournament on both disciplines, males and females, we have also the DAVIES CUP, 4 GRAND SLAMS of course and basically all the ATP tournaments.
Matchup are offer for every tournament , for the finals and depending on how big the game is we also have props, point spread and totals, and lines for the FIRST SET as well, here is an example of a line.


Roger Federer -300 51.5 - 150 -7.5 -150
Juan Martin del Potro 250 51.5 +130 +7.5 +130


Tennis matches will be settled as "No Action" if either player retires before the match is completed, on Money line, spread, total and Set Betting (exact result)

Matches must be played within 48 hours of the originally scheduled time for wagers to have action.