Basketball is certainly an excitement sport, it is just speed and adrenaline, attack and defense back and forth, we offer lines on all NBA games, NCAA games, WNBA, WNCAA and European basketball, also the special events such as NBA ALL STAR GAME, International basketball and many more, our lines are posted at least one day ahead of the events, for instance on NBA lines are posted the night before so at least you can take a look at them. First and second halves are also available on all NBA and NCAA games; quarters are also available for every NBA game.


Money Lines and Team Totals

Money lines are available on all NBA GAMES as long as the spread is not higher than 10.5, since we like to offer as many options as possible, money lines are available also for the first and second halves on all NBA games. Team totals have also become very popular therefore we have TEAM TOTALS on all NBA and games, these team totals are available also for the first and the second halves.


Basketball props

Basketball props are available for all NBA games, such as team to score first, team to reach the 10 pts first and many more,players props are also available for important events and attractive games for instance total pts by Kobe Bryant, matchups , etc., As the season goes on and the games are more meaningful then the amount of props we offer increases, for NBA PLAYOFSS AND NBA FINALS there is always more options for betting , there is also NBA LUCKY NUMBERS every night.


Basketball Rules

  • Basketball games must go 43 minutes on NBA games and 35 minutes on NCAA college game in order to bets be official
  • Overtime counts for all wagers on game, second half, props and live betting.
  • Overtime DOES NOT COUNT on any 4TH quarter wagers.
  • No TEASERS ALLOWED on any halves or quarters.
  • Bets on 1st, 2nd half and all quarters will be considered to haveĀ  action upon completion of the period in question
  • All games must be played on scheduled date and site.