Hockey is a very popular sport, well established in the USA, however there are a lot of Hockey fans in Europe as well; here we offer as many betting options as possible for the hockey games. For all NHL GAMES we have a line for the game it self this line is for the game and also includes overtime and shootouts, a line for the FIRST PERIOD, TEAM TOTALS on every game, an alternate goal line which is a -1 goal line, and a 3 way line for the 60 minutes of regulation only, since it is a 3 way line,  a player can bet on either team but there is a DRAW LINE , if the 60 minutes of regulation end up in a tie then both sides are losers , and only bets on the draw will be graded as winners, this line for regulation only, has also a goal line where the +1/2  goal wins in case of a tie. We also have props available such as TEAM TO SCORE FIRST, TEAM TO HAVE THE FIRST POWER PLAY, TEAM TO WIN THE OPENING FACEOFF, PLAYERS MATCHUPS and many more. GRAND SALAMI SIDE AND TOTAL is also available every day.

Example on what lines are available for any NHL game.

1 Nashville Predators +170 5.5 -125 +1.5 -130
2 Detroit Redwings -200 5.5 +105 -1.5 +110


1 Nashville Predators +1 +130
2 Detroit Redwings -1 -150


1 Nashville Predators + ½ +105 +200
2 Detroit Redwings - ½ -125 -170
  DRAW   +320


Of course the NHL is probably the most popular league around the world, but here other leagues that are available on any of our sites.

Austria EHL
Czech Republic  02 Extra Liga
Denmark AL Bank Ligaen
England Elite league
Finland SM liiga
Germany DEL
Norway GET ligaen
Russia KHL
Slovakia Slovnaft Extraliga
Sweden Elitserien
Switzerland NLA


Hockey Rules

For wagering purposes, a hockey game (pro or college) becomes official after fifty-five (55) minutes of play.

Games lasting under official time constitute "No Action" or "Push/Cancel" and all money is refunded.

Games must take place on the site and date scheduled. (unless otherwise specified)

Overtime scores are included on all game period wagers. Third Period wagering does NOT include overtime scores.

Wagering on the game period includes overtime and penalty shootout. In the case of penalty shootout ONLY 1 POINT will be awarded to the winner.

Las Vegas Rules apply for any rules not mentioned here.

NHL 3-Way and European Ice Hockey (Draw line quote)

NHL 3 way and European Ice Hockey is settled without overtime (60 minutes of play) for the main quote (Away/Home/Draw). This option does NOT include overtime or a shootout.


NHL Betting Periods

The full 20 minutes of the period must be played to have action.