It is not a secret , you turn on the television to watch the Monday Night Football and the stadium is packed, out of the 60 thousand people there , probably  lots of them  have a play going on, to make the game more exciting , to celebrate every touchdown. Football betting is entertainment; there is a rush, the unexpected feeling on what is going to happen in the next play, the next 2 minutes, the last drive.
Since people are betting , we decided to come up with a strong and legit website that provides satisfaction, security  and different  gaming options , for ALL NFL AND NCAA GAMES we have SIDES AND TOTALS,  we also have first and second halves and all quarters lines for  every game . Other alternate leagues that we offer are Canadian Football, ARENA FOOTBALL and many more, even RUGBY if you are really into contact sports.


Money Lines and Team Totals

Money lines are available on all NFL and NCAA FOOTBALL GAMES as long as the spread is not higher than 13.5, since we like to offer as many options as possible, money lines are available also for the first and second halves for all NFL and NCAA games. Team totals have also become very popular therefore we have TEAM TOTALS on all COLLEGE AND PROFESSIONAL FOOTBALL GAMES; these team totals are available also for the first and the second halves.

Alternate Lines

For NFL GAMES in general and for big games such as college bowls , playoffs and others if the line on the game is a certain number we also offer one alternate line and sometimes even two or three. Example if Chicago Bears at Indianapolis and the regular line is Indianapolis -9 , there is also an option to bet them -7.5 -120 and another one at
-9.5 +110 so on and so for, the regular line will be open for parlays and teasers and all the alternate lines limited to straights only.


Football Props

Football props are available for all NFL games and most NCAA games, the amount of prop lines increases depending on the relevance of the event, for all NFL games there is also NFL LUCKY NUMBERS available, players props such as player to score the first touchdown, first quarterback pass will be complete, match ups, team to score first, will there be a score in the last 2 minutes of the first half and many more.



  • Any game must go at least 55 minutes in order for the game and the second half wagers to be official.

  • Overtime counts for all wagers on a game, second half, props and live betting.

  • Overtime DOES NOT COUNT on any 4TH quarter wagers.

  • No TEASERS ALLOWED on any halves or quarters.

  • Half-time (2nd Half) wagering includes any overtime scores. Fourth Quarter wagering does NOT include overtime scores.

  • Bets on 1st, 2nd half and all quarters will be considered action upon completion of the period in question.

  • NFL rules and regulations will apply to CFL unless otherwise stated.

  • All games must be played on scheduled date and site.